WorldpayWorldpay from FIS

November 2018 – Present

Supporting the New Acquiring Platform (NAP) that is currently under active development and ongoing customer migration. Management of the batch processing schedule in Control-M and providing on-call support out of hours. Regularly liaising with project, development and test teams regarding implementation of new code. Assisting in deployment and migration tasks. Supporting manual workarounds when required. Resolution of time-sensitive, multi-million £ major incidents. Implementation of tactical alerting using Splunk while awaiting a strategic solution. Automation of process in Linux servers using bash scripting. Knowledge manager for the support teams, documenting all kinds of process and ensuring KB articles meet required standard. Training of new level 1/2 support staff based in India. More recently, covering a 24/7 bridge relating to stability on the platform with direct SVP exposure and accountability.

University of Central Lancashire – Computer Network Technology, Preston

September 2014 – May 2017

In 2014 I started my university studies at the University of Central Lancashire. In my first year I was completing a degree in Computing, however in my second year I decided to move course to the Computer Network Technology degree course after achieving 91% in my first year computer networking module. During the course of my studies I gained extensive knowledge in the following areas of computing;

  • Network routing protocols (OSPF, RIPv2)
  • Configuration of LANs, VLANs, WANs, DHCP server, NAT devices, wireless access points
  • Virtual networks, server virtualisation, desktop virtualisation
  • Network operating systems (Cisco IOS, VyOS, ZeroShell)
  • Network management and administration (using Windows Server and Linux)
  • Penetration testing and network security
  • Wireless and mobile networks
  • Web development
  • Programming (C++, C#)
  • Databases
  • Agile systems design

Whilst at University I was an active member of the Video Game society and completed an extra-curricular 5 day leadership development course at UCLan’s Cyprus campus.

Technical Support Adviser, Preston

November 2016 – Present

Part time technical support advisor role during university studies. My position as ‘covert operator’ at Geek Squad involves taking/making technical calls from/to the company’s clients. Our primary goal is to save clients from technology by providing third party technical support for a vast range of devices and software. The calls we take range from setting up a smartphone to configuring a client’s network- all accomplished over the phone utilising remote desktop tools. If we haven’t experienced a particular technology while taking a call, we learn it. This is achieved with the collective knowledge of the Covert team – if it connects to the internet, we support it.

Full ownership of a client’s technical problem is taken on when I work on a job. I ensure every job I am given by a client is seen through from start to finish, and keep in regular contact if the job is to be completed remotely while the client is away from the phone.

The role has hugely developed my confidence in working with clients and has taught me a great deal about troubleshooting software and devices, particularly when under pressure from a client. Due to working 20-24 hours a week whilst simultaneously completing my degree, my time management and general organisational skills have improved a great deal. I thoroughly enjoy tackling the technical challenges that arise in both my university studies and my role at Geek Squad.

Technical Sales Engineer Intern, London

June 2016 – August 2016

9 week internship at Cisco Systems in a technical sales role. The internship involved intense training relating to sales skills, presentation techniques and Cisco technologies (data center, security, collaboration and networking).
Responsibilities included researching and presenting customer insights to account managers, creating technical solution proposals and demonstrating practical use of Cisco’s technologies.
I also participated in a hackathon where, in a team, we developed a (proof-of-concept) natural language meeting booking chat bot in 2 days. We presented it to interns across the world over telepresence, explaining how it worked and highlighting its business value.

Customer Team Member

June 2013 – August 2014

Having worked informally for the shop from a relatively young age as a paper delivery person I applied for a job in the shop in June 2013. The role was part time whilst I continued my A-Level studies. Roles included answering the phone and taking customer newspaper delivery inquiries (for example if a paper had not been delivered), working on the tills, stacking shelves, managing wasted produce and tracking stock using the handheld machines. Working with customers has improved my confidence dramatically. Working to solve problems for customers was always satisfying.

Volunteer Experience

Assistant Leader

2012 – 2013

Leading activities and assisting the main Scout group leader

First Aider


First aid care at a variety of events such as music festivals, sports events and theater shows.

Hospital Work Experience

October 2012

A week of voluntary work experience at Glenfield hospital. At Glenfield I shadowed nurses and admin staff in various different parts of the hospital including the wards, pediatric intensive care, clinics and the administration department. I gained a close insight into the work of the nurses and doctors, watching multiple procedures including several surgical procedures in theater. I also gained knowledge on the administration department of the hospital and how large organisations run. This included the use of computer systems as well as paperwork.

Telephone & Broadband Engineer Work Experience

October 2009

A week of voluntary work experience with an Openreach broadband and telephone technician. Gaining a valuable insight into the telecommunication industry shadowing a technician on many jobs across Bradford. This week of experience kick-started my interest in the telecommunications sector – the most exciting moment for me being calling my home phone directly from the telephone exchange with a test phone.